Yoga Garden Brno

Yoga Garden a community planting seeds of compassion, breath and strength.



At Yoga Garden our goal is to serve all walks of life, regardless of age, shape, size, race and sexual orientation. We believe in vibrant communities where can practise both on and off our mats. Our teachers are dedicated to the foundations of YG.

Today is a good day to make a change! At YG we support people's effort to bike, walk or take public transportation. We encourage people to bring their own bottles and refill at our filtred water station. We want to promote the idea of living without purchasing any product…just our classes. We care about our footprint. We have even designed environmental yoga retreats!



YG Class

These classes were designed for YG with both beginners and more experienced practitioners in mind, and include a wide range of poses and sequences. Class times vary from 60, 75, to 90 minutes. All of YG’s instructors have been specifically trained to lead these classes. Yoga Garden’s foundations are based on compassion, strength, and breath. These qualities are all integrated in YG classes.

YG Flow

YG Flow is a fluid practice that threads movement and breath skilfully while providing continual modifications in a slightly more challenging sequence. These classes are offered in both the Main Room and in the Hot Room. Classes run for 75 or 90 minutes.


Vinyasa is an intermediate practice specifically designed for practitioners familiar with foundational asanas. It allows the instructor to weave through them in a dynamic sequence without having to explain the pose in greater detail. Modifications are always provided. Work hard, play even harder.

Punk in the garden

Playful vinyasa yoga with physiotherapy roots.


This practice has long holds from 2min – 7min it's a deep practice. It strechtes your fascia, promoting circulation in your joints, also stimulates your meridians which are connected to your organs. All poses are on the floor, the practice is geared towards all level-promotes meditations. We encourage you to use blocks and not go to end range


This practice is perfect if you are new to yoga. Here you will learn all the basics and you have plenty of time in each pose to discover what needs to be adjusted. Breathing and space are immediate in this practice


These classes are at 100CZK a POP!. They are led by OUR NEW instructors – either our teacher is practising a new sequence or simply paying a new method. These classes are first come first serve without reservation


This is an hour practice that mainly consist of level 1-2 vinyasa. This flow is fluid and threads through all the way till savasana.

Special Classes

These classes will vary according to teacher . Sometimes the focus will be dance, other times it will be movement. You can expect to hear music, move differently and have a special time.

Teachers self practice

This class is for certified teachers only. It is a time for teachers to practice their sequencing, their own practice, and also work with their peers so if they need to ask a question there are other teachers around and ready to help. One teacher might be working on a vinyasa sequnce while another one is forming a restorative sequence.

Timetable NORMAL

Timetable HOT



I’m practicing yoga for quite some time and I have to say Iam still learning. Thanks to my experience I know that yoga is not just about practicing certain positions. For me it’s much more, it’s a tool, that helps me with connecting my mind and breath with my body in one certain moment. When that happens, its like a little miracle growing inside of ourselfs. And that is exactly how I want to teach yoga, with such manner that every single student is able to acquire conscious practice- as is physical movement in correlation with breath, calm mind and body without serious effort or unnecesarry pain.


My first yoga session took place in 2009. I was attending power yoga classes. Since then, I have gone through periods of practicing different styles (Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga). Nowadays I devote most of my time to classical yoga where I have a time to stay in the pose just with my breath and attention. Yoga offers me an entrance into stillness, and that is what i pass on in my lessons. Calmness of the mind and stillness of the body are as important as moving, this is the knowledge i pass down.


Yoga used to be only a physical activity for me. Now I understand it as a complex philosophy, not only for the body but also for everyday life. Yoga started speaking to me and suddenly my principles had something to fall back on. Yoga brings us back to the basics, our breath. It´s funny, how we forget about this automatic activity, yet I know that thanks to it both our body and mind are happy. In my practice I focus on breath and its coordination with body positions. I like learning new stuff and I´m happy when I can share it with the others.


I found yoga thanks to my teacher who introduced it to me in his lessons as a system that is more complex than just physical exercise. Curiosity lead my next steps and I was exploring my own practice, traveling and educating myself. I’m teaching yoga since 2017 and in my classes I focus on connecting breath and movement, freedom, playfulness and the ease in a flow. I invite my students to perceive their own body and to be inspired by others as well. Yoga does not begin by stepping on the mat, it is also the whole system of using your body and mind off the mat.

We’re learning how to be more mindful to ourselves and to our surroundings.


"Christina has been practicing Yoga on and off since she was 23. Today at almost 45, she’s opening Yoga Garden Brno, which she hopes will embrace all the people whom want to build community! Be consciously active beings! The practice of Yoga has the potential to open us to realize that nothing is absolute. We can choose to make change, to unlearn, to investigate, and to stand in solidarity with beings that are actively striving for freedom. This practice is so humbling, and generous, it truly can give us keys to open up to our illusions, to become kinder compassionate beings on this planet."


Hi, my name is Klára and my yoga journey began around 12 years ago. I practiced mainly power yoga as a compensation to unilateral loading in sport activities. To widen my horizons I also started practicing another forms of yoga. My focus shifted to hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga. My relation to yoga has changed over the years and now it offers me more than just a compensation. Professionally, I am interested in physiotherapy and I am trying to apply gained knowledge into everyday life.
I would like to create a safe space for you. A space where you can practice yoga consciously, with love and respect.


Yoga has been part of my life for 12 years now. Yoga fascinates me because it is rooted in the “here and now”, and because of its variety and its transformational potential. It offers us a safe place where we can take a break, connect with our breath, body, mind and unite all those aspects. Yoga brings us back to ourselves, can reveal the subconscious parts of us which we can then consciously change or accept.

When we have a better understanding of what’s happening inside us,it gives us more space and freedom, and we can perceive ourselves with more humour, opening up more to loving relationships with ourselves and others.


I first encountered yoga in 2015. After two years of active practicing, I joined and passed a yoga course at the Power Yoga Academy in Brno, owned by Václav Krejčík. Since then I have taught yoga actively. I have attended several workshops and courses and finally I found my passion in power vinyasa yoga. My lessons are full of energy and fluent movement along with your breath. I always try to have people leave their mat smiling from ear to ear and with a good feeling in both their body and mind.


I have started yoga 6 years ago. In the beginning it was just a physical exercise for me, but later on I realized it is much more. Yoga is not happening only on our mat, but it is a part of our life. Yoga teaches us love and respect towards others and especially ourselves. After an intensive course in India I fell in love with Vinyasa yoga that I teach since 2019. During my lessons I focus on fluent and playfull movement in connection to breath. My aim is to give people an opportunity to slow down a bit and enjoy the present moment throughout the practise.


I´ve been teaching movement for 23 years, out of which 15 years I teach yoga. For the last two years I´ve aimed at physiotherapy, my goal beiing to practice yoga in a healthy way, respecting the physiology of our body. This is what our vinyasa yoga practice will be about during out common sessions in Yoga Garden. Namaste!


When I started my yoga practice 9 years ago, I was one of those who didn’t get ‘what is all the fuss about’ - after all, I didn’t even sweat and stuff! But I gave yoga a chance, fell in love completely and followed it to India. Yoga has taught me (and teaches me every day) to be more aware of myself and the world around me, to slow down my busy mind, to rejoice in little things, and to give and receive love plentifully. I practice and teach mostly Hatha and Yin yoga, that perfectly balance my energetic personality and the pace of my everyday life.



500 CZK
Intro special offers you ten days unlimited yoga for 500 crowns, in both our rooms.
This is only valid once.
(This card is non-tranferable)

Month entrance

2500 CZK
Unlimited yoga in both our rooms for 30 days.
(This card is non-tranferable)


An additional charge when using Active Pass by Sodexo
Community class without an additional charge
Normal an additional charge 80 CZK
Hot yoga an additional charge 150 CZK


Main room for free
Hot room 20 CZK


Type Price
Drop-in 220 CZK
students/seniors 150 CZK
5 class card 990 CZK
10 class card 1870 CZK


Type Price
Drop-in 300 CZK
students/seniors 200 CZK
5 class card 1350 CZK
10 class card 2550 CZK
students/seniors 200 CZK


100 CZK
Community class is at 100 CZK
in with the hot room or main room.


We are located on Veveří Street, 8, 60200 BRNO.
You can find us at the end of the courtyard

Email us at or call us at +420 724 855 301

Can’t wait to see you soon!